Frequently Asked Questions
  • Basics

  • What is FixEarn?

    FixEarn is an advertisement company where worldwide users can earn money and advertisers can promote their content.

  • How to earn?

    To start earning you need FixEarn account just create one and start earning.

  • How to create account?

    To create new account click on Register fill simple registeration form put your real email address confirmation may required.

  • Does any investment need?

    No, You don't need to be invest any money you can earn and receive money as a free member.

  • How to invest?

    You can invest money to upgrade your membership, rent referrals, buy referrals and increase revenue limit on offerwalls.

  • Members

  • Can I have multiple accounts?

    No, Only one account per ip (user, device, house) is allowed. As the result of multiple accounts all accounts will permanently suspend without any warning.

  • How and why to upgrade membership?

    Upgrade membership can help you to increase your earning limit, you may view full details on Upgrade page

  • How to withdraw?

    Minimum withdraw is only $1 for all members and the time of withdraw is depend on your membership. If you reached the minimum then click onWithdrawto request.

  • OfferWalls

  • How to earn from offerwalls?

    Click on any offerwall complete offers to earn more there is no limit to earn from offerwalls you can upgrade your membership to maximise your revenue.

  • Can I use vpn or other proxy tools?

    No you can't, If any cheating tools are detected your account will be permanently suspended.

  • What to do if my account is ban?

    If you used any cheating tools or do cheating on offer completion then your account will be banned from our partners and will never reback.

  • Can I do purchase offer?

    Yes you can, there is secure links but this is your responsibility to find secure purhcase offers as the result of stealing your details or money we will not responsible.

  • Others

  • Banned from PTSU offers?

    If you chating on PTSU offers your money will be refund to advertisers and your account will be automatically banned from PTSU offers and you will not be able to do any PTSU offer.

  • What is Referrals?

    We have two type of referrals system one is direct and another one rent. Direct referral is an referral that you invite to a person and rent referrals can be purchase to maximise your earning. Referrals earning is depends on your membership the higher membership you have the more you can earn from referrals.

  • What is referrals limit?

    The limit of referrals is depends on your memberships every membership have there limit for direct and rent referrals as well as daily earning limit.

  • Why my account is suspended?

    If you created multiple accounts or cheating your all accounts will be suspended without any notice and will never unsuspend.

  • How I can contact you?

    We are online 24/7 you can Contact us by writing new ticket or you may also message or call us on Whatsapp.


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